(Very important please read carefully)


Not all dogs suit day care and day care does not suit all dogs. For this reason we must ensure that we meet and assess your dog to determine, as far as possible, that he or she is going to be happy in, and suitable for Day Care. Prior to taking on your dog, an assessment /registration form must be completed, allowing us to take a full behavioural and health history. This is followed by a meeting with us where will go through the form with you and see how your dog acts and feels around us at the day care centre. If they seem happy then we will keep them in for a few hours trial session, where we will take them in and slowly introduce them to the day care dogs. When you return to pick your dog up we will let you know how he/she as got on and whether we believe they will be suitable for day care.

Dogs that suit Day Care are generally  friendly and confident around people (we need to be able to handle your dog) and sociable and react positively to other dogs. This being said, in our experience even more timid dogs can grow in confidence and fit in well at day care with us. In these cases we often suggest a few short visits before they come in for full days.


Happy dogs having a good rough and tumble

It is of the upmost importance that all dogs in our care are safe and happy. We want your dog to enjoy coming here, and feel comfortable with us and around the other dogs. If for any reason we did not think you dog would be happy in Day Care then we would inform you. We do not accept dogs that do not fit the criteria or a dog well suited to Day Care for the safety and happiness of the dog its self and the other dogs in our care.

Vaccinations/Worming and Flea Treatments

For the protection of all the dogs attending Day Care we must insist that all dogs are fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas . We must see evidence from your vet to confirm this and we will require updated evidence according to requirements. When registering your dog with us at Day Care you will be required to provide record/evidence of the following:

  • Full 2 part vaccination as a puppy and then annual injection thereafter
  • Kennel Cough annual vaccination minimum of 72 hours before first attendance and annual updates

All dogs must be wormed every 3 months (for the protection of the dogs and public health), as well as being  flea treated with effective products. Examination will be performed at the assessment to ensure your dog is free from fleas.

Micro Chipping

By law all dogs must be micro chipped. In the unlikely event of a dog being lost, a speedy return of the dog is far more likely if a chip is in place. We will need to record your dog’s number on registration.

Castrated and uncastrated dogs

We cannot accept dogs in season in Day Care because of the disruption it can cause for the other dogs. All adult male dogs must be castrated, and we would expect owners of puppies to have plans to get their dog castrate at an appropriate age (when they are mature enough physically and mentally). However, we are open to discuss and explore the possibility of  taking entire dogs if we believe their behaviour will be acceptable, and non-disruptive in the Day Care environment. For the well being of the dogs in Day Care, management has the right to refuse a dog that is not neutered.